I visited the Tokyo Disney Resort in the summer of 2019, with the hope to fulfill my dream of being in the Disney World. It turned out to be fantastic in experiencing the 2D animation world in this 3D world. On the other hand, there was a bit of disappointment in my trip, which was mitigated later on. However, the lost time could never be returned.

Buy tickets in convenience stores

This is a great alternative to buying tickets off the counters at the Resort on the day. However, there is a caveat.

Tickets might not be avaible for sale if buying too late the night before the visit.

I went to 7-Eleven at around 10pm to buy tickets for DisneySea for next day. Maybe it was so popular that the tickets were sold out. I did not manage to get them, so my plan had to change accordingly.

I later discovered the best way is to buy them online, if you know some Japanese, especially Katakana and Hiragana since a lot of Katakana were derived from English, therefore, sounds like English words.

Use the official Disney App

I am using Android. Your Play Store locale needs to be Japan in order to install this app. But as a platform that is open, we can easily install the APK downloaded from the internet, like AppMirror.

For iOS users, there might be similar restrictions. Your luck is on changing your locale to Japan if this is the case. You can potentially ignore this if you have jail-broken your device. But this is a whole new story. (I miss my old days with jail-braking my iOS device.)

You can scan your paper ticket with the Disney App and obtain Fast Pass within the App.

The above mentioned feature is quite awesome. You no longer have to physically be at the Fast Pass ticket machine to obtain a Fast Pass! This opens an advantage over the others - you don’t have to run for Fast Pass! The caveat is as usual, you need to know Japanese. The basic Japanese is fine. Oh, you also need to convert your name into Hiragana when registering an account in the App.

It is possible to scan more than one paper ticket in the APP.

You can now manage all Fast Passes in your whole group without letting the others do extra work.

Pay attention to shows and parades

If you are staying till the night, don’t miss out shows and parades.

In my opinion, they are of the best visual at nights. It will surely put a wonderfull ending to your fantastic day.