In my previous post, I managed to NAT IPv6 packages. Here is an improvement.

As said in this Github page, it is unnecessary and no-point to do NAT for IPv6. But problems arise when routers provided by network providers (Sky in my case) do not support assigning IPv6 Delegated Prefix to devices in LAN.

Initially I tried to bridge wireless wan with br-lan. would give an error: Device not supported. After digging the code, I figured out brctl addif $BRIDGE $WAN_DEV, wlan1-1 needs to be iw dev wlan1-1 set 4addr on, so that brctl would allow bridging wireless client with the bridge. But then I lost internet connection to the the WAN. It was because WiFi does not allow multiple MAC addresses in the frame. There was a work-around, to enable WDS on the primary router. Since the Sky router does not have this feature, this is a dead end.

Fortunately, I gained physical access to the primary Sky router. So an ethernet cable is connected from LAN port on Sky router to WAN port on secondary router.


opkg install ebtables

Finally, execute -E